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AadyantaLife is a spiritual provider of Experiences and Training based on our Ancient Vedic Literature and Sciences. AadyantaLife aims to improve the health and well-being of Body, Mind and Spirit by leading people to live a Medicine Free Body and Stress Free Mind.

Our Offerings

Problems are a part of life and so are solutions too. Connect with us to find your solutions.


Spiritual Life Coaching and Mentoring

As your personal Spiritual Life Coach and Mentor, we aim to provide guidance much needed to make a positive impact on top line and bottom-line of the organisations.
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Meta Physical Healings

Aadyantalife offers a host of alternative and complementary healings to address your difficult ailments and challenges of life
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Wellness Programs

Aadyanta promotes Mindfulness as a tool to help people become more resilient and able to deal more effectively with the challenges being faced today.
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Astrological Guidance

Jyotish, in Sanskrit is translated as “Science of Light,”. This knowledge is a profound and mathematically sophisticated form of guidance that originated in the ancient Vedic tradition of India.
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Vastu and Fengshui Consultations

AadyantaLife provides unique consultations that focus on delivering the Bio-Energetic (Vastu/Feng Shui) and Interior Decorating and Design solutions you need to bring harmony and style to your home or business.
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