Jyotish, in Sanskrit is translated as “Science of Light,”. This knowledge is a profound and mathematically sophisticated form of guidance that originated in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. It describes how planetary patterns at the time of our birth give valuable clues and insights in helping us understand our life’s journey. Through careful analysis of these cosmic influences, Jyotish Astrology can help us realistically evaluate our strengths and weaknesses in order to optimize our full potential.

By forecasting the changing trends and periods of our lives, Jyotish Astrology can enable us to make more evolutionary choices. It can help provide participants with valuable information in all areas of their lives and can offer practical remedial measures to help alleviate areas of difficulty, giving the confidence to manifest our true destiny and create success, happiness and harmony on all levels.

Jyotish consultations last for one hour and may be conducted in person but are typically given over Skype.

All sessions are recorded, sent to clients for educational purposes only and remain completely confidential.

Aadyanta Life provides Astrological Consultations in the following areas.

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