Abha Rathore
June 14, 2017
Mr. Anant Kharpate, 64 years Architect, Nagpur
July 3, 2017
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AadyantaLife’s Dr. Amitabh Singh taught me meditation and has been mentoring me for over six months now. It has been a life changing experience for me as I am learning the true meaning of life, the purpose of existence and the importance of maintaining a healthy mind in order to be blessed with a healthy body. I am still his student and every counseling session has something new to learn. I have even undergone Past Life Regression session with him and it has made me accept and be at peace with myself. I continue to learn many more things and have had very good experiences every time I take healing from him for myself, my kids and husband. I strongly recommend him and his healing methods.

Dr. Amitabh
Dr. Amitabh
Dr. Amitabh Singh is the Founder of AadyantaLife. He provides personal coaching and consultations to the corporate leaders, business owners, and top line executives. An alternative therapy healer, he specializes in Mindfulness Meditation coaching for Senior Corporate Executives.