Sanjay Bhatia

52 Years, Country Head, QIO Technologies, Pune

My wife underwent a bio-energetic healing session for her chronic muscular- skeletal, upper & lower back ailment, where medicine & physiotherapy failed. Dr.Amitabh’s healing not only helped her at the physical level but uplifted her mental & emotional state too. I, therefore, decided to undergo his exclusive 12-week Mindfulness Meditation Program for families and have been stunned by its positive results which I can see in my 2 teenage children’s behavior & attitude and also in my personal being. My work performance has tremendously gone up & I now understand my family far better than ever before. I highly recommend this program to all families looking for health, happiness & peace.

Mr. Anant Kharpate

64 years Architect, Nagpur

I have been taking healing with Dr. Amitabh Singh for three months now and the results have been amazing for me. I suffer from arthritis with a very burning and excruciating pain in my feet, legs, hands, and shoulders. Along with the daily pranic healing sessions, I was suggested breathing exercises, some basic warm up exercises and sea salt therapy by him. I have noticed a remarkable change in my attitude and motivation ever since. I now regularly go on my walks that had completely stopped due to pain in my legs. Thank you Dr.Amitabh for the therapy.

Neha Joshi

35 years, Chartered Accountant & Writer, Pune

AadyantaLife's Dr. Amitabh Singh taught me meditation and has been mentoring me for over six months now. It has been a life changing experience for me as I am learning the true meaning of life, the purpose of existence and the importance of maintaining a healthy mind in order to be blessed with a healthy body. I am still his student and every counseling session has something new to learn. I have even undergone Past Life Regression session with him and it has made me accept and be at peace with myself. I continue to learn many more things and have had very good experiences every time I take healing from him for myself, my kids and husband. I strongly recommend him and his healing methods.

Abha Rathore

40 years,Teacher, Pune

My Son had undergone 3-month personalized healing sessions with Dr. Amitabh for enhancing his focus on studies. He not only personally mentored my son but also shared his insights on overall life with us. These interactive talks helped us realize the purpose of our lives and are now happier, open to giving & receiving love, more confidence with greater self-worth, a wonderful sense of well-being, harmony & peace with me and my world. He is a man of his word and strictly abides by his commitments for all his healing sessions and we would love recommending AadyantaLife & Dr. Amitabh’s personalized sessions to all my near & and dear ones.

Mukesh Aggarwal

45 Years, Managing Director, Siddhi Cold Chain, Delhi & VP Cold Storage Association of India

Dr.Amitabh, as my spiritual & life coach, mentored me at every personal and professional step of my life. It is indeed a pleasure and a blessing to have Dr. Amitabh as my mentor. I have been associated with him for the past five years now and through his continuous guidance, I have excelled in my business and now have expanded as well. My limiting beliefs were something he helped me identify and overcome and as a result I benefitted with a newly found self-esteem, freedom and conviction. This new awareness and observation, I could powerfully shift my perspective in a way that enabled me to become and therefore attract what I truly desired. Dr. Amitabh is truly an awesome coach and an inspiring human being.

Neeru Bhatia

44 years, Life Science Product Distributor, Pune

I am so glad, I decided to attend one of the Health and Wellness sessions organized in my society, Park Street, Pune. I confirmed my attendance last minute and that session changed my life. I was feeling low in my professional and personal life. After 3 months of Healing and personal mentoring, I could enhance my performance not only in my business but also my health improved significantly and I could easily go off the medication I was on since years. I am now proudly associated with AadyantaLife and Mission of Stress-Free Mind and Medicine Free Body.


35 years, Teacher, Pune

The interactive spiritual sessions conducted by Dr. Amitabh were very informative and urged me to inculcate a spiritual discipline in my life, which made a lot of improvement in me as a person and my life. As the world is becoming aware of the undeniable connection between the Body-Mind-Soul, AadyantaLife steps in to fortify this knowledge and provides specific tools to embark our journey and blossom as a human being. I have taken healing from Dr. Amitabh, He is highly perceptive and accurate in his diagnosis. He is a gifted healer. Am grateful!!!

Praveen Jaiswal

47 years, General Manager - Trading & Operations at Gulf Petrol Supplies (GPS, Bunkers) - a Fujairah National Group Co. UAE

More than any other wish, I longed to know God's will for me. Through AadyantaLife Sessions on Mindfulness, I could clearly visualize my life's journey, path, and actions. I need to commit to. I now have a realistic action plan to follow to achieve my heart's desires and to an extent have been able to achieve mine dreams. Dr. Amitabh and his team's personalized coaching sessions revealed to me my hindrances stemming from my past and experiences and healed/helped me in such a way that now as I am treading on my path which is leading me to my life's purpose and goal.