Bio-energetics (Vastu & Feng Shui ) is an instrument which maximizes the potential of any building, or living spaces and correctly balances that potential so that the energy can benefit the occupants in all areas of life. The major areas of life include: Health & Wellness, Career, Education and Learning, Relationship and romance, Money and earnings, Children’s luck. Our observation is that some premises seem to be more comfortable than others and some tend to be on the selling market all the time.

Bio-energetics study can create a healthy, happy and prosperous atmosphere to a building. The detection of geopathic stress and sick building syndrome in the home can tremendously minimize any potential illnesses and other life stresses.

Many years ago, the our Vastu Shastris and Chinese scholars used Bio-energies (Vastu/Feng-shui) as a planning tool to understand life’s cyclical changes. It allowed them to stay in control of what was going on. Today, in the same way, this science can help you plan so that you can take advantage of all the good energy/ influences and avoid any upcoming negative energy/ influences for the coming year. The blueprint of each premise can therefore bring opportunity, abundance, happiness and harmony when tapped into correctly.

It positions the individual into a better harmony with themselves, the environment, elements of nature and essentially enhances the individual’s destiny and opportunity prospects.

With the application of Vastu/Feng Shui as a tool, it can abundantly help you select a building (residential or business) that’s going to be prosperous, healthy, harmonious and successful.

Aadyanta provides unique consultations that focus on delivering the Bio-Energetic (Vastu/Feng Shui) and Interior Decorating and Design solutions you need to bring harmony and style to your home or business.

  • Energy Audit for Homes
  • Energy Audit for Commercial Spaces
  • Pre-Sale Consultations
  • New Property Assessments
  • Building and Renovations
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