Give your business an additional edge. Improve the energy in your Manufacturing Location, Office Space to support prosperity, attract opportunities reduce losses and pilferages and encourage harmonious relationships between staff and management. Clear thinking, consistent energy and sustained calm are influenced by the surroundings. To encourage greater productivity (and prosperity), Aadyanta Life offers detailed actions to enhance and encourage positive energy flow.

  • Find out how Bio-energetics can boost the flow of positive energy and deactivate negative influences, to enhance business performance. We help you take advantage of the best floor plan and layout options to maximize your Vastu/Feng Shui potential.
  • Discover your wealth sector and the best place to locate your sales staff or active areas. Use Feng Shui to activate your wealth sector and enhance business opportunities and prosperity.
  • Create a harmonious environment that encourages good working relationships and improves staff morale. Improve the look and feel of your workplace, and make it a pleasant and welcoming environment for your people and customers.
  • Improve the Feng Shui if the floor plan or layout is not ideal.
  • Receive honest and helpful advice to improve energies of your business premises, website design and content, Logos and other advertising and communication designs for a strong and favorable response in business generation and development.

Our Consultants advise on Vastu/ Feng Shui and good interior design at the planning stages of a building project, to help you make the most of your fit-out.

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Guidance By

Dr. Amitabh Singh

Founder, CEO & Chief Spiritual Mentor of ‘AadyantaLife'

Dr. Shalini Gugnani