AadyantaLife's Program for Mindfulness Education for Children is based on the theme that “If we taught all 8-year-olds to meditate, we would eliminate all violence from the world within one generation.”

The program aims to achieve the following:

  • Create the world where all children learn these basic practices to help balance/soothe their nervous system — so they are less likely to make rash decisions under stressful conditions. Learn breathing exercises to calm and focus their minds, which would help boost their retention power and academic productivity
  • Practice tools that help them

    • To be compassionate
    • Foster harmony and kindness
    • Improves their Physical Health
  • Alter their genetic and hormonal expression towards health, by adopting healthy lifestyle and eating habits
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Guidance By

Dr. Amitabh Singh

Founder, CEO & Chief Spiritual Mentor of ‘AadyantaLife'