Aadyanta Life’s program on Mind Body Detoxification is based on the theme “ Dear Lord, please untangle me from negativity, and release me from the grips of lower energies. Please shine divine light to give me relief from heaviness, and to carry away any ego-based feelings, stories, or memories that I've been holding onto. I loosen my grip, and let You fully guide and support me."

The real secret to the Good Health over our life time is “The Body Heals itself”. It’s easier said than done. In today’s fast changing environment perspective, where technology has taken place all around, we have got lost our well-being and we often try to figure out our health concerns on one thing or other and we do all things mindlessly.

But if you continuous to feel tiredness than you haven’t experienced earlier and your current energy level is getting lower day by days and then not able to meet the commitments and challenges that you face into your everyday life, that’s not something exciting. The program would cover the following:

  • Understanding Detoxification
  • Pre- Preparation
  • Cleansing
  • Rejuvenation
  • Cultivate Health for Life

In our Total Mind-Body Detox Program, you will experience step by step a safe and effective detoxification program that rests, cleans, and nourishes your body and mind so thoroughly that you feel rejuvenated inside – filled with the vital energy you need to not just manage your life, but to actually enjoy it!

Confused? Looking For Help?

Guidance By

Dr. Amitabh Singh

Founder, CEO & Chief Spiritual Mentor of ‘AadyantaLife'