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vastu_for_your_kitchenThe kitchen is the source of energy for the entire family. As the old thinking states that `our food become our thoughts`.  A  good kitchen signifies good and tasty food. Healthy food makes one feel refreshed, happy and energetic at all times. It also breeds positive thoughts and makes our day full of powerful action.

The planet Venus represent wife and the direction representing Venus is South East as per Vastu.  Hence a Kitchen in the South East direction of your home is most ideal.

kitchenTo prepare good food for the family, it is essential that the Sun Rays of early morning also reach in the kitchen and clean the atmosphere from any type of germs with energetic Sun-rays and clean air. To get these energies in the kitchen there should be the big window in the east direction and also one small window in the south direction to get proper air circulation and also afternoon heat to clean any strong harmful germs remain in the kitchen.

A perfect kitchen will have all water bodies in North East direction while all fire element which is stove etc.  should be kept in SE direction of the kitchen. Lady should face to the east when cooking. We can keep the fridge in the south direction as it emits heat and ration should be kept in the west direction if it is to be kept in the kitchen only. All utensils should also be kept in the west or south direction problems

The ancient science of Vastu helps us to explore various challenges of our life we encounter every day. Invisible energies of our homes affect us and can seriously debilitate us. Let us explore how a worn kitchen can evaporate our finances and can be a cause of serious sickness.

Effects of the wrong kitchen as per Vastu science

In case if the kitchen is not in the right direction and the interior is also not as per Vastu principles then what could be the effects on us. An incorrect kitchen placement can lead to health problems among women. Women are most vulnerable to complications if the kitchen is placed in the wrong direction as it leads to knee or leg problem, back pain, stress, and stomach problem such as indigestion etc. Wrong kitchen placement also creates financial burdens such as unnecessary Loans and financial debts. Mounting business losses are also common in homes with wrong kitchen placement. Placing gas stove (fire element) and sink  (water element) together symbolizes clashes and frequent quarrels at home among family members. So it is necessary to keep gas stove and water at distance.

Kitchen in South West direction:- If the kitchen is in the south-west direction and the lady making food facing south, then, heated arguments between husband and wife could be seen in the family. It also discards the entrance of male member in the family.


Kitchen in South direction:- A south direction kitchen with the lady is cooking food facing to the south can lead to family health problems like high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, joint pains etc.

Kitchen in the west direction of the house:- Kitchen in the west direction and cooking facing to the west can increase hardship in the life

North West direction of the Kitchen:- If the kitchen is in this direction with wrong placements then the expenses could be more than earning.

North facing Kitchen:- Sometimes husband and wife both earn with their high intellectuality and get good financial gain but if the cooking is done facing North direction in Northside kitchen than there are chances to loose earned money suddenly.

North East direction Kitchen:- It is the direction of God to whom we pray. A kitchen in this direction can increase overburden and obstructions in life.

East direction Kitchen:- Though the lady of the house enjoy all facilities which can be got through money but she may not be happy in the heart.

All these expectations given over here are just to check the expected impacts. It is not necessary that everybody must face such effects.

It is also advisable to get your home energies checked immediately in case you are facing hardships in various areas of your life.

Contribution by: Dr. Shalini Gugnani Ph.D (Vastu), Reach out to her on mail:, mobile: 91 981008686

Dr. Amitabh
Dr. Amitabh
Dr. Amitabh Singh is the Founder of AadyantaLife. He provides personal coaching and consultations to the corporate leaders, business owners, and top line executives. An alternative therapy healer, he specializes in Mindfulness Meditation coaching for Senior Corporate Executives.

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