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May 10, 2018
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A simple question if asked to one’s own self, that “Do I Know Myself”, may sometimes result in a total blankdo you know yourelf.

Take a little time to think about it and whatever answer you can give- honestly to yourself- you will never really finish to discover and learn more about yourself.

Sometimes we find that people around us know much more about us as compared to our knowledge of our own-self.  So the big question is “Is there a way to Know One Self, if yes how can I Know Myself.

We share 4 Powerful and highly effective tips to help you know more and more about yourself.

  1. Develop self-awarenessselfawareness

Awareness of your emotions is the key to know oneself. Being aware of(all the time) what you enjoy and what you dislike, what motivates you and what comes easily or poses challenges is of tremendous help. Quite simple, if you can’t manage yourself, you will not be able to manage anyone else. The strategy here is to observe your thoughts when they come in your mind and also in which context.

2. Start with Zen meditation (if you aren’t aware please inform yourself). It is always important to connect your mind with your body and if possible – stay connected.

Another way to retain self-awareness is to reflect for a short while (few breaths) whatever you just experienced. I can be some work, a discussion or you read something in a book. Ask yourself what you think about it, then feel and what take out of it. The key here is listening to yourself and trust your feelings and emotions. After 4 weeks you can change the last part into: make a decision how you Want to feel.

Start to reflect your actions in response to some actions of others and the outcomes of that. Schedule a regular time to do this.

Also in order to connect with yourself often during the day, take 3-4 times a day – if possible fix the time – and feel your body and have a small talk with yourself. This can last only 1 or 2 minutes.

Give yourself space to reflect and make sure you can be alone and uninterrupted for a significant period of time.

3. Keep goingself effort

The start takes usually the biggest efforts. Keep going and give yourself time to improve.

Just have in mind that you can be your best friend and the better you know yourself, the better you can support. Like in all strong and deep friendships on earth- it took a while to come into that depth. Be nice to yourself and enjoy the discovery.

4. Keep a journalDailyJournal

Keeping a journal is a good way to help you learn from experience. Journals are similar to diaries but include entries that address critical aspects of your managerial experiences and reflect on interactions with loved ones, friends and also people at your workplace.

Such entries can describe a good /bad way you have handled a situation, a problem in the making, the different ways people react to situations or your thoughts on people. Try to gain a better understanding of what happened, you can add: what can you learn from each situation and how you could / would do it a little better the next time.

All that can be done for the rest of your life. If you want to have something, you have to pay the price. If you want to know yourself in the depth you need to invest attention and time.

I wish you a great discovery of yourself and send much LOVE.


About the Author

Dr. Amitabh Singh is the founder of AadyantaLife and  Bio-Energetic & Crystal Healer and Wellness Coach. He provides Alternative and Complementary Healing therapies to difficult ailments including Cancer. He specializes in Mindfulness Meditation Coaching for Corporate and Business Leaders. His thought-provoking Enlightening Lectures.

Dr. Amitabh
Dr. Amitabh
Dr. Amitabh Singh is the Founder of AadyantaLife. He provides personal coaching and consultations to the corporate leaders, business owners, and top line executives. An alternative therapy healer, he specializes in Mindfulness Meditation coaching for Senior Corporate Executives.

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