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Imagine you picking up a badminton racket for the first time in your life and trying to play the basic game. You will immediately realize that no matter how hard you try your mind has been programmed to fail.

child fallen
Be it learning to ride a bicycle or learning to swim or the first step you took in your life as a small child. All failed you in your first couple of attempts. Now can we say that we are all programmed to fail…and that’s the bottom-line unless we re-program ourselves to WIN.

Complaining robs of your winning chances

Recently an online publishing company received some comments from readers complaining about having to “click 10 times” in order to view a longish post. Even though that post carried a valuable piece of information on “How to Increase Lifetime earnings by Million dollars.” This kind of complaint is an outward sign of a way of thinking that automatically programs a person to fail.


Understand it in this manner

Everybody has a set of arbitrary rules defining the meaning of events in their life. Most people don’t set these rules consciously; instead, they just “grow” into them based on their temperament and upbringing. Because of this, many people have rules that tend to make them miserable.five-star-restaurant-date

There are people who, in order to consider themselves really happy, must buy themselves expensive gadgets or spend money on exotic vacation, buy stuff from heavy sales discounts, fall in love, eats at most expensive restaurants, or some other usual or even once-in-a-lifetime event.
These would be the same set of people who will find virtually any excuse to be miserable. If they have to stop at a red signal, they get upset. If their newspaper got delayed in the morning, they’re upset. Big fights can trigger at home when they can’t watch their favorite TV show, it ruins their day, a hot or extremely cold day, etc., etc., etc. People have an endless list of tiny things that steal away their happiness.

Radhika and Rajdeep fighting for T.V remote

People who follow those set rules about life are programmed to be miserable because they’ll encounter dozens of things each day that irritate them, and very very few events or moments that will make them happy. And being unhappy or irritated most of the day is the ULTIMATE expression of failure in life.

Can you imagine the mindset of somebody who complains about having to “click 10 times” to read an awesome piece of information which can change his life forever? Even that amazing opportunity is wasted by a stupid complaint.
Was there truly something to complain about???

The sad truth is that anybody whose priorities are that screwed up that having to click 10 times can upset them enough to leave a comment, rather than thanks for the excellent piece of information, is so completely programmed to fail that no amount of good information – from whichever source it is shared – is going to keep them from failing.

Is There a Solutionfaliurevssuccess

Of course, there is a solution. Get rid of your emotional debris and start doing the hard work of changing your rules.

The exciting thing here is that by only switching two sets around, you’re re-programming yourself to be positively happy, and will therefore win.
The bottom-line here is that if you get happy doing something you will continue to do it if you which to maintain that happiness.

2 Rules which can change your Life Forever

  • Decide to have rules that make it easy to be happy

Let little things that happen every day in your life be the cause of celebration. Try to celebrate your life every day, don’t wait for occasions. Find every excuse possible to take a little pleasure out of life.

  • Decide to have rules that make it difficult to be miserable

 Save your misery for truly awful things, like the death of a close relative, financial disaster, or a major, debilitating illness. It’s really your choice.

You can let stuff like “10 clicks” make you a loser at the game of life, or you can decide to have a set of beliefs that constantly makes you happier, and therefore a winner.

Be Careful

If Moodcomplaining about 10 clicks is foolish, then there’s more than a little foolishness in complaining about people who complain about 10 clicks.
So here’s my promise to you guys who are reading this post. Going forward, I’m going to stop filling up the comments of these posts with irritated comments and instead fill up comments of thankfulness and gratitude and carrying that attitude of gratitude all the time with me.
I want to be successful, and that means having “life rules” that make it harder for me to be irritated and easier for me to be happy.



About the Author

Dr. Amitabh Singh is the founder of AadyantaLife and  Bio-Energetic & Crystal Healer and Wellness Coach. He provides Alternative and Complementary Healing therapies to difficult ailments including Cancer. He specializes in Mindfulness Meditation Coaching for Corporate and Business Leaders. His thought-provoking Enlightening Lectures.

Dr. Amitabh
Dr. Amitabh
Dr. Amitabh Singh is the Founder of AadyantaLife. He provides personal coaching and consultations to the corporate leaders, business owners, and top line executives. An alternative therapy healer, he specializes in Mindfulness Meditation coaching for Senior Corporate Executives.

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