AadyantaLife's Program on Law of Attraction is based on the theme "What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures, and words, you attract into your life."

Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe – one of which being the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on negative doom and gloom you will remain under that cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts, and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with massive action.

Program Contents :

  • Is The Law of Attraction Real?
  • Free Yourself from Negativity and Revel in The Universal Law of Attraction
  • Allow The Quantum Physics Law of Attraction to Bring You One Step Closer to Your Dream
  • Understand the Concept of Energy
  • Under Deeply the Power of Subconscious Mind
  • Understand the power of brain and heart in the process of attraction or manifestation
  • Understand the role of thoughts, emotions, beliefs in the process of attraction or manifestation
  • Understand the concept of higher and lower vibrations are and which emotional states cause it
  • Learn how to set goals, the power of creative visualization, the power and tools of imagination combined with power of the heart
  • Learn how to program ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually with what we desire
  • Learn the most powerful mantra which can expedite your process of manifestation by 100 times
  • Learn the indisputable role of karma in your relationship and how by using this great law, you can reverse anything and everything in your life
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Guidance By

Dr. Amitabh Singh

Founder, CEO & Chief Spiritual Mentor of ‘AadyantaLife'